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PhD Research Proposal on Social Entrepreneurship Part 2

PhD Research Proposal on Social Entrepreneurship Part 2

The PhD research proposal involves critical reviews, wise selection of reading materials or resources, various research methods, and a combination of good intelligent reflections to synthesize several resources. The writer of the PhD research proposal should learn how to introduce and integrate different theories in the theoretical framework section in Chapter 1. The conceptual or theoretical framework best explains and articulates the problem of the study. The logical structures of the PhD research proposal will attempt to establish a perspective that could clarify at the same time sharpen the focus of the problem area. The purpose of the selection of different theories or frameworks is to provide new understanding about the problem area as well as eliminate false conclusions.

The Chapter 2 of the PhD research proposal consists of the following:

  • Summary of the purpose of the study, literature search strategy, and a little description of the sources used
  • Relevant literature about the problem areas
  • Summary of the chapter

The literature review summarizes related studies or recent major studies about social entrepreneurship. This intensive examination involves selection of reading materials and efficient evaluation of the documents for evaluation and synthesis. This helps position your study based from the context of the previous sources. This also supports the justification of your research, refines the scope, and enhances the previous research.

The Chapter 3 of the PhD research proposal consists of the following:

  • The research methods chapter begins with a restatement of the problem of the study, restatement of the purpose of the study, and restatement of the research questions and the hypothesis
  • Research method and design
  • Participants
  • Materials
  • Operational definition of variables
  • Data collection, processing, and analysis
  • Methodological assumptions, limitations, and delimitations
  • Ethical assurances
  • Summary

Writing the research method is not easy. This means finding the best research method that would fit the study. The two best-known methods are qualitative and quantitative research methods. The most difficult task is to identify the most appropriate method to measure the study. Seek the help of a writing service to guide you in your data collection and measurement plan. Writing services have enough experience to evaluate the reliability of collected data.

PhD Research Proposal Service

Writing a PhD Research Proposal is not as easy as you may think. You need to consider the different approaches to your study so that you can draw positive and relevant results. It can be hard to think about the topic of the study and even harder to come up with a proposal. That is why some have decided to get help from the experts or go directly to research proposal writing services and editing services.

You will be placed in a lot of pressure once you begin writing your PhD research proposal. So in order for you to come up with an impressive research proposal, you first need to know what makes them in the first place.

The primary thing you need to think about is the main objective of your study. You must be able to identify the problem of the study. This means identifying what you want to achieve at the end of the study. Remember, your PhD research proposal is your first sole project that aims to contribute knowledge in your field.

Another key to submitting good research proposals is having planned methods in conducting your study. The academic panel will find your PhD research proposal impressive if you clearly state the step by step process that you will take in conducting your study.

Then you need to determine the participants involved in your study. You need to distinguish who will benefit from them and who are those whom you will need their assistance in carrying out the study. Also, this will include their specific role in the research study.

A PhD research proposal can be enriched by previous studies about the given topic. Other studies may serve as guiding lines or as a frame to your own study, and help you discover solutions to your chosen problem. You can also use them to determine the scope and limitation of your study.

Your PhD research proposal should show your interest about a particular subject in your chosen field. You must be able to understand what is in your proposal so as to properly defend it when the situation calls for it. If you really are into your study, then you would not think of it as a requirement instead, a passion.