PhD Research Proposal on Social Entrepreneurship Part 1

Writing is a skill that one develops through constant practice. However, a PhD research proposal requires a good understanding of the right format to use, the writing style appropriate for a PhD paper, and a precise yet formulaic structure or outline. The university does not expects you to really know how to write a PhD research proposal but your paper would be more impressive if you write closer to the required writing style, citations format, and topic outline. The way you write your paper reveals a lot about yourself specifically English language spelling and grammar competence, presentation and flow of the discussion, and your analysis skill.

Writing a PhD research proposal about social entrepreneurship would not be that difficult if you start with the outline first. The most important thing that you should consider when developing an outline is the presentation of the argument. The nature of the PhD research proposal focuses on the process through which you answer a specific research question. The writing process should provide significant understanding and offer relevant information about the research questions, topic, and the argument. Below is an outline
that you can use in writing the first part or Chapter 1 for your PhD research proposal:

Statement of the Problem
Background of the Study
Research Questions
Purpose of the Study
Theoretical Framework
Operational Definition of Terms
Assumptions, Limitations, and Scope of the Study
Significance of the Study
Importance for Social Change

You should write the research questions after creating the title of the paper. You can change the title of the paper to fit the content of your proposal later but you can never change your research questions. The research questions are very important in writing a research paper because it guides the research methodology as well as the type of information that you are going to research. There are writing services that could help you write your PhD research proposal or even just structure the outline of your paper to give
you a good head start. Writing services usually adjust their fees according to what you need from them. You can inquire for their fees on writing an outline and collaborate to make sure they write what you intend to study.